Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Fashion and Foliage Flare
                                               I love the fall season and even if Fall does not officially set in until Sunday at 4:44pm, We are readying our fall decor . Fall is a season when Mother Nature puts on her own fashion show with all the foliage that was once all dressed in a very classic green of many different shades to showing off there reds, yellows and browns.Some in solids and others showing off their flare with complimenting color coordination. Some so very bright to surely grab your attention.

This is also a time to start putting your own Fall decor together. It really isn't too hard if you think fall and mother nature is helpful by bringing us those chilly temps at night and early morning. You know, when you need a light jacket heading off in the morning and shedding it by late afternoon. Only to throw it back on in early evening when your out in the yard doing the end of summer yard work.
                   All it takes is seeing things with your minds eye. Like ole Chris Kringle said in "Miracle on 34th Street" "The best nation in the world to visit is the Imagi-Nation". Every year we put things together we never thought of in previous years and wonder why we never thought of it. That is generally because we were putting other things together for our Fall Fashion Show.
              This Fall centerpiece was a great idea. Someone had given us a large brandy snifter for a birthday gift filled with chocolates and candies of all sorts. A layer of decorative crystal clear rock across the bottom and then a neutral color candle placed Asymmetrically (not centered), some faux Fall foliage, some faux harvested fruit and garden crops and last but not least, the scarecrow. The trick is to pick up some of these items while at your local dollar store or hobby store. You can even take some of them old decorations you've tired of and pull apart the pieces of it to utilize when the idea hits you.

 Add a few like items to the bottom of it on the table so that it does not appear to be there all alone like a wall flower at a school dance to make it more comforting to the eye and soften the bottom of the glass which tends to give off a cold feeling when standing alone. The warmth of the fall oranges and reds takes that away.

                             Adding a larger decoration to it can also give it some height and really tends to set off that fall harvest feeling.
                   This is really a great time of year even though it will get a little chillier in the evening and meals will tend to be fixed more inside than on the grill so when the family comes in from work or school they smell supper cooking. Nothing like the smell of a fresh pot of vegetable soup made from fresh garden vegetables you grew in the backyard garden.

Here is a great idea. This is what I call our seasonable basket centerpiece. We use this basket for every holiday or seasonal decor.    Of course it is filled with Fall decor for this time of year with gourds and pumpkins and a ribbon tied on like it was a gift from a welcome wagon or a friendly neighbor. The look of the fresh cut flowers that have been barely nipped by a cold night so only the edges have started to turn from a bright yellow to red and then to add height, a cattail and some reeds or even a small wheat grouping or even better(to me at least) would be the addition of a cinnamon stick or two for a delicious fragrance.

At the right is a beautiful Fall decoration. A wooden serving tray either unfinished or painted in fall colors filled with what looks like you just brought in from the garden. With some pie pumpkins and gourds and some cranberries to add some bright red and the foliage that looks as though they were just picked and all that  in a flowered dress from ones just picked to add some fresh fragrance and color.